Artisans for the 2018 trail

For the artisans that participated in 2008, please read below, with more detailed information farther down the page.

Lodi School District - Art & English Students, all ages
Dean Allen, Tree Spirits
Willow Cittadino, Signpost
Doug Davis, Doug the Jug
Lyn Duguid, bagpiper
Rick Findora, Cranes in Flight
Granuaile, Irish Music
Terry & Rick Haag, Yellow Benches
Patti Herman, Nature Quotes on Cedar
Kipp Inglis, Bird Nests
Lodi Community Action Team (LCAT), Signpost
Alice Lybek
Middleton High School Photography Club Students, Selfies
Anita Peterson/New Moon, Ice Age Trail Cabinet of Curiosities
Prairie Sands Band, Folk to Blues to Celtic Music
Reach Out Lodi (ROL), Signpost
Dana Slowiak, La Lunita
Bill Welch, Signposts (lead artist)
Karen Wollenburg & Meredith Green, Whimsical & Hidden Clay Figures (lead artists) with Lynn Boelter, Sue Robbins, Carol Eichenger, Jo Mercurio & Barry Eichinger

More about the artisans

Lodi School District, Kindergarten through High School
Wind chimes, stepping stones, hangings, paintings, collages, poetry, and more to celebrate and interpret our beautiful natural landscape.

Dean Allen, Tree Spirits
Earth-pigmented paintings on trees, capturing each tree's spirit.

Contact: dean<at>@deanallenstudios.com ~ www.deanallenstudios.com

Rick Findora, Cranes in Flight
Metal sculpture celebrating avian inhabitants along the trail.

Rick Findora was born in Detroit, MI where he studied various metal forming techniques in aeromechanics, before joining the U.S.
Air Force and flying on C-130 aircraft as an instructor Loadmaster for 4 years. In 1979 he moved to Lodi, WI to study glassblowing at the U.W. Madison. After graduating with a B.F.A. in 1986, Rick opened Morning Glory Glass Studio. At this studio located in Lodi he has been producing artwork for clients locally and nationwide. Since 1986 at Morning Glory Glass Studio Rick designs and fabricates artwork combining hot glass, stained glass, wood and metals to create windows, furnishings, and sculptures for liturgical, residential, public schools, and commercial commissions.

Contact: Rickfindora1<at>gmail.com ~ 251 Mill Street, Lodi, WI ~ www.morninggloryglassstudio.com

Rich and Terry Haag, Yellow Benches
Small, yellow benches with signatures from area children.

Rich and Terry have worked on the Ice Age trail throughout their life together. In retirement are part of an adult group of hikers who continue to enjoy the trail and it's many vistas. And as parents and grandparents especially want to involve the young hikers and tyke hikers to share in the art of the benches, as well as sit with their parents and grandparents and soak in nature!

Contact: rnthaag<at>yahoo.com

Patti Herman, Nature Quotes on Cedar
Nature has been an inspiration for many writers over the years. I've written quotes from some of these nature-inspired writers on cedar disks that you'll find scattered along the various trail segments. As you saunter on the Ice Age Trail, I hope that you, too, will be inspired to put your experience and thoughts into words.

The organizers of Art on the Trail encourage you to send your trail-inspired writing to artontheiceagetrail<at>gmail.com so your words can be shared with others. 

Kipp Inglis, Bird Nests
Handmade bird nests created from undyed, unspun wool fiber, grasses, and leaves, wet-felted into pouches for nests.

Contact: kippinglis<at>gmail.com

Middleton High School Photography Club Students, Selfies
Frames with mirrored cutouts of human heads and shoulders. images from other parts of the trail are placed behind mirrors so trail visitors will see themselves in a new landscape.

Anita Peterson/New Moon ~ Ice Age Trail Cabinet of Curiosities
"When we travel and explore, we collect our own Cabinet of Curiosities, if only in our minds or with our cameras. The Ice Age Trail can present to the observant person an array of interesting objects for her or his amusement and edification. In this Cabinet are assembled in one place several and sundry things a person with a curious nature might find along the trail."

Anita Peterson lives along a more civilized section of the Ice Age Trail and enjoys curating Curious and Amazing Items. Generally making in a steampunk style, she endeavors to cultivate a sense of wonder and fun with her art.

Contact: anitakpeterson<at>gmail.com

Prairie Sands Band
The Prairie Sands Band is composed of friends who believe that music is restorative and therefore spend as much time as possible playing together and playing for others. The band features vocals, harmonica, guitar, banjo and fiddle. The musical selections range from Folk to Blues to Celtic, featuring original music, as well as a variety of favorites from artists such as the Elephant Revival, Judy Collins, Neil Young, Allison Krause and the Irish and Scottish traditions. 

Contact: prairiesandsband<at>gmail.com

Dana Slowiak, La Lunita
La Lunita is a paper moon encompassed by sumac branches. Nestled along the trail, "the little moon" is closer than you realize.

Dana is a papermaker and artist focusing on the natural world as her source of inspiration and materials. Each piece is created one-by-one, each unique. These elements are formed into sculptural works incorporating natural tree branches, recycled wood, beads, and other embellishments. Each piece asks viewers to examine their own relationships with paper, wood, and trees.

Contact: danaslowiak<at>gmail.com ~ www.dana-slowiak.com

Bill Welch, Signposts (lead artist)
The Ice Age Trail uses yellow blazes to provide direction to hikers. Their absence may mean you are lost. Yet many walkers go to the trail to find much more than direction from point to point. The signposts along the trail will hopefully suggest some other destinations for hikers to consider.

Other artists include Willow Cittadino, Lodi Community Action Team (LCAT), and Reach Out Lodi (ROL).

Contact: billpatti<at>charter.net

Karen Wollenburg & Meredith GreenWhimsical & Hidden Clay Figures
Finding the whimsy, the mystical and magical in everyday events and places, and helping others to do the same, gives purpose to this particular work. Having the opportunity to collaborate with friends in creating greater awareness of the natural world for a larger audience is pure joy. It is hoped that ‘A Walk In The Woods‘ becomes even more memorable as participants discover the hidden critters placed randomly along the trail.

Other artists include: Lynn Boelter, Sue Robbins, Carol Eichenger, Jo Mercurio & Barry Eichinger.

Meredith has been a ceramic artist and  appreciator of nature for most of her adult life. This project has been a wonderful collaboration reflecting both pleasures.

Contact: Meredith Green - magreen1<at>wisc.edu